Poem by Carlos Alvarado

It’s been mentioned frequently
Since the presidential debate
But in derogatory terms:

Two days after our US arrival
With few words spoken in English
My mother proudly took the title:
Hotel “Maid”

To duty and her children
She gave her best
And with it she set our path
To reach far beyond

My siblings and I are now successful
But she gave us no other option
Yet every fifty cent piece reminds me
Of tips with which she fed us

Before the sun would rise
She was on a long bus ride
To clean up after the wealthy
Even President Kennedy

Her day was late in ending
For two other jobs awaited
But her day always finished
Sharing one bed, telling stories

Political slogans don’t detract
From the magical moments
Growing up as her son
I honor my mother the “MAID”

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