Two mast sailboat

Poem by Carlos Alvarado

From the wisdom of Aristotle
“We are what we repeatedly do”
I am a log that rolls out of bed
Each morning, with crusted lids
I stumble to the bathroom

So many have asked me
Now that I’m in retirement
How I’m liking the repetition
Underlying a subliminal expectation
That my reply would be of disdain

There’s an art I’ve not mastered
To break the doldrums I am in
I’ve rearranged the pillows
And their linens by color
Yet I still roll out of bed

This morning, out my window
I glanced a two-mast sailboat
In a waterway of motorboats
Immediately I was transported
To places I’ve previously traveled

It was to the Nile with a brilliant sun
Or a Brazilian village on the seashore
I recalled the windblown sails
Powering ships on ruffled waters
Passengers content in their adventure

Once was a time everything was new
But since has being transformed
Into a tedious repetition
Shall I yield to the imagination
Or resume with my adventure

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