A Storm (Irma)

Poem by Carlos Alvarado

Last night
The full moon rippled
On the intra-coastal
This morning
Its waters were placid

As on every sunrise
The east awakened to
Vibrant colors and,
Aside a two-piece bather,
Egrets prancing on the shore

To the south was cloudless,
Yet a breeze stirred
In reassuring silence
As palms were swayed
In tropical leisure

If not for the newscasts
Life remained unchanged
Until survival requisites
Were imposed, inferring-
All soon to be in upheaval

Hurricane Irma threatens
Its winds swirling violently
At 185 MPH in our direction
Not much would endure it
But hope and good fortune

Instinctively, I pray
Yet, to wish it another course
Shifts the brunt of its force
Upon someone perhaps
Even more defenseless

With few other options
I remain in storm’s path
For its turbulence shall pass
Underscoring the vulnerabilities
Binding us to nature’s splendor

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